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Jewellery is an integral part of every woman’s life. It is a way to enhance your looks and can be adjusted to match any outfit. Necklaces are a prevalent form of women’s jewellery and come in various designs, shapes, lengths, and styles. Choosing the right necklace for your neck can be challenging, with many options available. However, Indian jewellery sets are an excellent choice for ethnic and western outfits. The collection of all these lovely pieces will add a touch of quirky uniqueness to your outfit and make it as beautiful as you are! Vowcart Necklaces for women is a beautiful choice, perfect for pairing with any outfit during any occasion. We have the best selection of necklace sets online for women available at the best prices.

Different Types of Necklaces for Women

Following are different types of necklace sets available online at Vowcart:

  • Choker Necklace: A choker is a close-fitting necklace worn around the neck, typically measuring 14 inches to 16 inches in length. Chokers are made of various materials, including velvet, plastic, beads, latex, leather, and metal such as silver, gold, platinum, etc. But recently, plenty of imitation choker necklace designs have been available for women, which are made of oxidized alloy. Choker Necklace is popular among women in India due to its royal look, sheer depth in designs, and larger size. For a night out on the town, go for a choker with multiple strands of glittering beads.
  • Kundan Necklace: Kundan is a gemstone made of translucent or transparent glass or stone with different color foils attached to the backside, typically used in Indian jewellery. Kundan necklaces are a popular style of necklace that features these gemstones. These necklaces are often associated with their traditional look in India. You can match these royal and traditional necklaces with any ethnic outfit to create a stunning look. Kundan gemstones are known for their beauty and sparkle, making them a popular choice for jewelry. When shopping for Kundan necklaces, it is crucial to keep in mind the quality of the gemstones and the overall design of the necklace. With so many different styles available, you can easily find a Kundan necklace that will suit your taste and style. You can match these royal and traditional necklaces with any ethnic outfit. 
  • Layered Necklace: Layered Necklace are necklaces made up of multiple layers of stones, beads & pearls strung together in threads. Each layer of the necklace might have a different design or size to beautify its look. Layered necklaces have a modern style & can go with ethnic & western outfits. Layered necklaces can give your outfit a touch of glamour and sophistication. They are ideal for formal and casual occasions and can be dressed up or down to suit your style. Layered necklaces come in various designs, with stones, beads, and pearls strung together in multiple layers. You can choose a design that suits your outfit and occasion or mix and match different styles to create your unique look.
  • Pearl Necklace: A pearl is a shiny & hard object produced within the soft tissue of a living shelled mollusk. It is considered a natural gemstone due to its rigidness and beautiful color. But the cultivation of natural pearls is a tedious process due to which original pearls are expensive. So, imitation pearl jewellery is made of white plastic beads, similar to natural pearls. Necklaces made of either natural or artificial pearl are considered pearl necklaces. You can wear a pearl necklace with any ethnic or western outfit, wherever it compliments your style. If you’re on a budget or don’t want the hassle of caring for natural pearls, an imitation pearl necklace is a great option.
  • Pendant Necklace: A pendant necklace is a piece of jewellery consisting of a small loop attached to a necklace. The small loop allows the pendant to hang down from the necklace, and the pendant can be made of any number of materials, including metals, stones, or even glass. Pendants are often worn as part of a set with matching earrings, and they can range in price from very affordable to quite expensive. Pendant Necklaces are available in various styles and can match both casual & formal outfits. For a day at the office, pair a simple strand of pearls with a long pendant necklace.
  • Rani Haar: The word Rani means Queen in India & Haar means necklace. So by definition, Rani Haar is the queen’s necklace. Usually, Rani Haar is traditional & extended necklace matching the ethnic outfit. There are many different types of Rani Haar, each with its unique style. Some Rani Haar is simple and understated, while others are more ornate and showy. The choice of Rani Haar depends on the occasion and the wearer’s taste. Rani Haar can be made from various materials, including gold, silver, diamonds, pearls, and other precious stones. There are artificial Rani Haar made of gold & silver plate alloy as they offer a more affordable option that still looks luxurious. No matter what material or style you choose, Rani Haar makes a beautiful and elegant addition to any outfit. Whether you wear them for a special occasion or add a touch of glamour to your everyday look, they will turn heads and garner compliments. So go ahead and treat yourself to a stunning Rani Haar today!


A Mangalsutra is an essential and integral part of any Hindu wedding function. It signifies the bond of marriage between two souls. “Mangal,” which means auspicious, and “sutra” implies string. This unique accessory called Mangalsutra is what Hindu grooms tie around their bride’s neck at a wedding. It serves as a visual marker of status as a married Hindu woman. It is usually a necklace with black beads strung from a black or yellow thread prepared with turmeric. 

Mangalsutra is more than just a piece of jewellery for many Hindu women; but a symbol of the deep love and bond between husband and wife. Wearing this extraordinary necklace signifies their marital status and an expression of their love for each other. The traditional mangalsutra comprises black beads believed to protect the woman’s husband from evil spirits.

There are different names for mangalsutra, depending upon the customs and designs of the area. 

  • In Kashmir, it is called Dejhoor. 
  • In Haryana, this is called Dhol Patta. 
  • In Bihar, it is known as Taagpaag. 
  • In Tamil Nadu, it is called Thaali or Thirumangalyam. 
  • In Kerala, it is known as Minnu. 
  • In Telugu, it is called Ramar Thaali, maangalyamu, mangalasutramu or pustelu
  • In Kannada, it is called Vaati mangalsutra.

Mangalasutras are available in a variety of designs. The common ones are:

  • The Lakshmi thaali.
  • Pustelu worn by the Telugus.
  • Ela thaali or minnu worn by the Malayalees.
  • The kumbha thaali is worn by the tamilians of the Kshatriya caste.

The groom’s family chooses the design according to prevailing customs. Gujaratis and Marwaris often use a diamond pendant in the gold chain that is merely ornamental and is not a substitute for the mangalsutra in the traditional sense.

According to the changing trends, there has been a transformation in the mangalsutra fashion statement. Earlier women used to wear long and heavy mangalsutra but now, in today’s time, independent and workaholic women look for delicate and trendy designs of mangalsutra, which are easy to carry.