Learn How to Trade with these best Trading Books

Since Trading & Investments are subjects not part of either high school or colleges in India, anyone can learn any aspect of Trading from the following list of best trading books popular in the market. You can become a successful trader by learning new skills, techniques, analysing charts and much more advice present in books. These books can provide in-depth information on the complexities of investor trading techniques. So get started.

Reminiscences of a Stock Operator by Edwin Lefevre

“Reminiscences of a Stock Operator,” written by Edwin Lefèvre and published in 1923, is possibly the single most recommended book for aspiring traders and investors.

The book is a fictionalized account of the life of the man considered by many to be the greatest stock trader of all time, Jesse Livermore, presented as the main character, Larry Livingston, in the book.

This book, which is also noted as simply a good read, is one of the few attempts at a detailed biographical account (albeit fictionalized) of one of the famous investors in stock market circles in the early 20th century and provides interesting insights into Livermore’s self-education as a trader. The book is also filled with numerous pearls of wisdom on trading that are still often quoted today, such as, “Always sell what shows you a loss and keep what shows you a profit.”

The Autobiography of a Stock – A Common Man’s Guide to Stock Investing by Manoj Arora

A common man’s guide to stock investing

Stocks offer magnificent wealth creation opportunities.
Are you ready to test the waters?

Stocks are simple and powerful investment tools. But lack of knowledge, patience and faith make them a dangerous gamble. And so, the common man dreads entering the stock market when it should be an inseparable part of his portfolio. The Autobiography of a Stock takes a unique look at the problem – through the eyes of Mr. Stock.

Gobind, a young man eager to invest, approaches Mr. Stock for help to guide him through the roller-coaster ride of buying a stock, holding on to it and finally exiting it in time.

Join him on his exhilarating journey, complete with its soaring heights and dismal lows, in a real market scenario, with real stocks and real data. Learn with him as he discovers the 83 unforgettable lessons in the noisy world of stocks. Tried, tested and thoroughly practical, these lessons are stock market scripture that can bring you not only excellent returns but also long-term wealth.

Manoj Arora is a gold medallist in engineering from AMU, Aligarh. In his career spanning more than two decades, he has worked for Fortune 500 organisations across the globe including IBM, L and T and TCS. An IT-professional-turned-author, he has to his credit multiple bestsellers on Dreams, Money and Happiness. Founder Trustee of Kalpavriksha – a tree plantation NGO, Manoj lives by his life’s mission to elevate the world around him.


“…provide[s] understanding of basics without much of technical jargon!” 
—K V Narayanan, Vice President, Tata Consultancy Services 

“One of the rare books which is a perfect sync of facts and fiction…” 
—Nishant Maitre, CEO & Cofounder, Tappet Box 

“…simple, yet an eye-opening book.” 
—Yogesh Aggrwal, Head Corporate Finance & CAO, NDTV 

“…would help even seasoned investors.” 
—Ananta P Sarma, Executive Vice President, Investment Banking, 
IDBI Capital Markets & Securities Ltd.

About the Author

Manoj Arora is a gold medallist in engineering from AMU, Aligarh. In his career spanning more than two decades, he has worked for Fortune 500 organisations across the globe including IBM, L and T and TCS. An IT-professional-turned-author, he has to his credit multiple bestsellers on Dreams, Money and Happiness. Founder Trustee of Kalpavriksha – a tree plantation NGO, Manoj lives by his life’s mission to elevate the world around him.

Learn To Earn by Peter Lynch

A Beginner’s Guide to the Basics of Investing and Business is a book that presents the readers with the fundamentals of business and investing. The book highlights a lot of facts that are not covered in school curricula. The book is a good read for anyone who is in high school or older.

Summary of the Book

The authors, Peter Lynch and John Rothchild, have provided readers with a book that discusses modern teenagers and their awareness of companies like McDonald’s, Pepsi, Coke, Gap, Reebok and Nike. It points out the fact that despite knowing about these big companies, they still do not have enough knowledge to be able to buy stocks in these companies. This simple and detailed guide aims at acquainting the readers with the functioning of the economic system and the stock market. It present us with the concepts like the need for being aware with stock market basics, understanding a company’s annual report, finding out business opportunities, reading the stock table in the newspaper, and thinking and investing like a professional investor.

About Peter Lynch

Peter Lynch is a stock investor, research consultant, financial author and philanthropist. He has co-authored books with financial writer John Rothchild. He currently serves as a research consultant for Fidelity Investments. About John Rothchild John Rothchild is a freelance writer who writes about financial matters. He has worked a s a columnist for publications like Fortune and Time.

Profitable Trading with Dow Theory by Rakesh Bansal

How to Make Money Trading with Dow Theory Dow Theory is the foundational bedrock upon which stands the entire edifice of technical analysis and trading. This path-creating theory took shape in the editorials Charles Dow wrote in The Wall Street Journal before his death in 1902. To this day, the theory remains unsurpassed in its ability to capture the market’s behaviour and foresee the direction of financial markets. In this book, expert trader and market commentator Rakesh Bansal presents his successful and market-tested trading methods based on the principles of Dow Theory. Followed with discipline and correct understanding, these strategies can help you trade the stock market profitably.

  • Concise introduction to Dow Theory and technical analysis
  • The key concepts and tenets of Dow Theory
  • How Dow Theory defines and maps trends • Rules and guidelines for trading Dow Theory patterns
  • Plus: 100 real-life examples of trades using Dow Theory, with actual profit numbers, from different and varied phases of the Indian markets, including the volatile, stress-test phase of Demonetisation.

Rakesh Bansal says, “I have learnt from experience that Dow Theory can be used for trading the stock markets profitably. In the stock market, simple, straightforward approaches like Dow Theory help in wealth creation. This book is all about the art and science of profitable trading using Dow Theory.”

How to Make Money Trading with Candlestick Charts by Balkrishnq M. Sadekar

This book intends to make the reader a master in his trade provided he follows the explained concepts of candlestick trading effectively. The Japanese have practiced candlestick techniques in trading and candle signals for over four centuries to fill up their treasuries. Refined and revised over the due course of time, these signals are now utilized all over the world for trading in finance markets, stocks and derivatives. The book helps the reader in understanding and applying this technique to make money. It starts with explaining the types of candle signals, techniques to identity them and utilize them. Every candle formation reflects an underlying market psychology which has been lucidly explained by the book. Taking advantage of high probability trades, the book explains how one can accurately combine candlestick signals with Western technical analysis for generating explosive profits and cutting losses. In addition, the book also discusses how the candlestick technique builds a simple mechanical trading system and eliminates emotional interference, gluttony and panic. Besides clearing concepts of candlestick charts and signals, the book also offers market-tested trading ideas and some Do’s and Don’ts in business, straight from the author’s experience.

About the author:

Balkrishna M. Sadekar is the founder of Profitable Candlestick Charting LLC., an educational company providing training to stock traders in the proper use of candlestick charting and technical analysis. He is also a member of Technical Securities Analyst Association (, a leading authority for technical analysis in the United States. With a Masters degree in Engineering, Sadekar has passionately blended technology with investor psychology analysis via candlestick charts.

15 Easy Steps to Mastering Technical Analysis

15 Easy Steps to Mastering Technical Charts is a comprehensive guide for traders to invest wisely in the stock market. The author provides fifteen easy to follow tips and suggestions for people who like to invest in the stocks and shares. Summary of the Book This book will help traders increase their profit margins by many folds. According to the author it is foolish to invest in the stock market without having a firsthand knowledge of the market and without knowing how to read a technical chart. The author provides his readers with a set of tips and tricks to increase their odds of making huge profits at the least possible risk. These fifteen steps will help the readers to know what the charts are revealing about the market and what exactly should the readers trade in. The expert provides a step-by-step approach to master the charts. The book provides answers to questions like how the charts reveal the mood of the market and trading action, how to reduce losses and improve trades by mastering support and resistance. The book also consists of a Chart Grader quiz which will help the readers test their knowledge on trading and the share market. About the Ashu Dutt Ashu Dutt is an Indian finance journalist and author. He was the Chief Consulting Editor of Bloomberg TV and ET NOW and has been very closely associated with TV channels like CNBC, TV 18 and NDTV.

The Beanstalk Does Grow to the Sky – How to Make a Fortune through Multibagger by Ashu Dutt

How to Make a Fortune through Multibaggers Multibaggers are stocks that give you 5-, 10-fold returns in relatively quick time. Normal stocks don’t do that. Clearly, then, multibagger investment style has to be completely different. In fact, it is counter-intuitive; you have to train yourself to find and seize opportunity where others find risk, acting on your own knowledge and independent conviction. Multibaggers are most generally found when fear and panic grip the market, and when the outflow of money dwarfs the inflow into the market. That could be in a bear market, or in a temporary credit freeze, when disinterest in a sector hits rock bottom, or when most investors and traders either don’t have the money, the gumption, the stomach, or the foresight to buy stocks. Extreme power laws apply in multibagger investing.

This book teaches you those power laws:

  • Axioms, myths and traps of multibagger investing
  • Principles of multibagger investing
  • How to train your mind for multibagger investing
  • Multibagger rules and secrets that market insiders don’t tell you
  • Types of multibaggers in different market phases
  • Strategies of multibagger investing
  • Actionable multibagger trading strategies
  • Why individual investors are one up over investing professionals in multibagger investing
  • How to build your multibagger investing edge.

The book also shows you how to apply second level thinking, beyond superficial clichés, to make a fortune through multibaggers.

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